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The Noodle Shack

Some Things Never Change

3/29/06 09:36 pm - sharinganified - [AIM log] [Inner and outer battles] [Sasuke, Naruto, Jiraiya] [Closed]

The most important battles aren't in the head, they're in the heart.Collapse )

3/28/06 12:29 am - inspired_sadist - [AIM Log] [Bone] [Sasori and Deidara] [Closed]

Reunion.Collapse )

3/27/06 12:37 am - fated_bird - [AIM Log] [The Hokage's Office] [Neji and Tsunade] [Closed]

Chasing ghosts...Collapse )

3/26/06 10:17 pm - choukou_chuunin - [Action Thread] [At the Academy] [Open to: Sasuke, Jiraiya] [Open]

At the moment, he should have been worrying about Sasuke. Considering his lunch break was almost over, he in all technicality should have been worrying about the fate of mankind and the universe, but, at the moment, Sasuke should have been his primary concern. There had been enough in his brief conferences with Jiraiya to give him cause for concern at least for the next month or so. Even more than that, he should have been worrying because the young man was due to arrive at any moment to help with the afternoon's lessons.

Yet, despite all that, Umino Iruka was worried about the amount of trouble he'd get in if he 'accidentally' killed a few of his students.

They were a well-behaved bunch, for the most part, but he could not for the life of him understand where they got the answers they did to scrawl down in their impossible handwriting on test papers. Furrowing his brow, the teacher clicked his tongue disapprovingly and added yet another red mark on the paper currently on top of his pile. The dim recesses of his mind were calmly reminding him that he would have help soon, and that he didn't need to ruin his eyesight scribbling a tiny little note on the correct answer (and why it was correct, and where the student had probably gone wrong, and how to avoid such mistakes in the future). Finishing a word and putting down his pen, Iruka picked up his teacup, taking a ginger sip as he scanned the next answer; correct, amazingly enough. He set the teacup down again and heard a light 'tink' of ceramic hitting ceramic. A glance up, and he was reminded that there were two cups today, and that one was for Sasuke, who would be coming soon and who he would observe and who needed support and guidance and to be watched for any signs of divine-powers only knew what.

Folding his hands together and biting down on the end of his red pen, he promptly forgot about the tests and began (rightfully) to worry about Uchiha Sasuke again.

3/26/06 07:59 pm - nazokoe_mandra - [Action Log] [Otogakure Infirmary] [Nazakoe and Kabuto] [Open]

((OOC: This thread is a continuation of Nazokoe’s biography, as seen in his user profile, serving as his entry into the current story. The events take place the same day as Orochimaru’s wounded arrival to Otogakure.

The long fingers of war had begun their reach on Otogakure. The Oto-physician, Yojireru, dedicated his life to protecting his adopted sound-mimic, Nazokoe, from their shadowy grasp. Yojireru was now dead. Nazokoe killed him. No longer would Nazo be shielded from the ever growing shadow. War had finally caught the mimic defenseless. Its fingers would soon seize hold of the boy.

Nazokoe’s unearthly cry of despair and subsequent destructive outburst had not gone unnoticed. A nearby patrol of two made their way to the tragic scene. The place was wrecked. Tendril whips of chakra which spewed forth from the mysterious depths of Nazo’s vocal innards had haphazardly destroyed the immediate surrounding area. The boy lay unconscious next to his slain Sempai. A guard approached the two.
My, my look at this mess.Collapse )

3/26/06 02:02 am - sharinganified - [RP log] [Sasuke and Sakura] [open]

'...Do you want me to stay?'Collapse )

[Ilana, I forgot to ask, is this open or closed?]
[This thread now open.]

3/24/06 04:25 pm - _godaime - [Open][Thread] Village Meeting

((OOC : This is open to all Konoha and Suna nin. The rest of you are not allowed :P))

It was necessary as the facts came in to bring her nin together again. Though the difference was that now it didn't just mean Konoha nin. Instead, she reached out to Gaara and asked him to invite Suna nin that he felt should be kept abreast of the changing political landscape. So when the bells chimed noon time, Tsunade made her way to the already filling conference room. There were assorted nods as she entered and she made a note of who was already there before taking her seat and waiting for the rest of the attendees to arrive.

Ten minutes later, she stood up to signal that they would begin.

"The damage caused by Orochimaru is slowly being repaired. However, it has come to our attention that Oto itself is not recovering from this attack so easily. The injuries sustained by Orochimaru will place him out of commission for a while. At the same time the influx of Suna refugees has shifted the balance in Oto. Without the Kazekage there, the Suna nin will have no reason to adapt as easily as they have here.

"Our ANBU forces have successfully eliminated several Suna nin that were declared Missing nin, thus helping us bring stability back to Fire Country. However, Oto will continue to disrupt our peace until it can be dealt with. Either we will take the opportunity we have now to force Oto into submission or risk a potential greater threat to our well being when Orochimaru returns to full strength and assimilates the Suna nin there to create a bigger army.

"This is not a move taken lightly. Anything could force us into another Shinobi Civil War. We must tread carefully yet firmly here and so I ask for suggestions from the floor."

3/23/06 02:15 pm - _godaime - [Open][Action Thread] Debriefing

There is no rest for the weary so even though she was feeling tired after treating Sakura and Ino, Tsunade still managed to get to her office once again. The sun was starting to dip low as she collapsed in the chair and pulled over the paperwork that had started to pile up there.

Pressing the intercomm, she waited for the chuunin secretary outside to answer. "A cup of tea and Morino Ibiki," she stated.

"Right away, Hokage-sama."

She leaned back in the chair and read through a report, wondering which of the two would arrive first.

3/22/06 02:25 pm - _godaime - [Action Log][Open]Konoha hospital

When her time has finally come to an end, Tsunade is sure she will not just be remembered for her tenure as Godaime. Most of all, she will be remembered for moments like this.

Godaime, the Typhoon...Collapse )

3/12/06 08:34 pm - white_whispers - [Open] Visiting the Hyuuga's

Hyuuga eyes see everythingCollapse )
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