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[Action Thread] [Team Beta in Wind Country] [Sasuke, Hinata, Kankurou] [Closed]

There were three sand-sleds in the caravan, carefully piled with provisions of food, clothing, other necessities of life in general and desert-life in particular, along with enough water that, with rationing, would last them the trip and a few days extra. Sasuke and Hinata were allotted extra rations, as they were the only ones unused to the stresses of such intense dry heat. The difference in climate between Wind and Fire was obvious, and Sasuke surmised the oppressive humidity of Fire Country beat out this kind of heat.

Each sand-sled was pulled by a team of team of six camels. Two of the sand-sleds really only needed four, but Sasuke had argued that if the caravan drivers didn't want the sled holding their special item to get singled out, they all needed to have the same number. They agreed. The sled drivers were the only ones who actually rode on the sleds. Everyone else rode alongside on camels. Kankurou looked at home on the humped beast, and Hinata, with that damned Hyuuga grace that was only part of what made that clan so annoying, had adjusted quickly. Sasuke had had to use Sharingan to copy how the others sat and guided the camels with reins and riding sticks so as not to make a fool of himself, much to his personal aggravation.

Kankurou was at the front where he was better able to pick a path along the shifting dunes. Because of her Byakugan, Hinata was in the back to keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary. Her visual range was much greater than that of Sasuke's sixth sense, anyway. Sasuke stayed near the middle sled, Sharingan protected behind goggles as he kept up a continuous watch on the other civilians. It wasn't paranoia, just mere common sense to see how natives reacted to their home environment. If either Kankurou or Hinata saw something they would relay it to Sasuke over the radios.
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