Uchiha Sasuke (sharinganified) wrote in noodle_shack,
Uchiha Sasuke

[Action Thread] [Mission Beta] [Sasuke, Hinata, Kankurou] [Closed]

Half an hour before departure time Sasuke was already waiting for his other two teammates to show. His pack held the usual necessities for a mission and also the necessary gear for desert travel, modified after the input received from the displaced Suna-nin. The outer-wear clothing of long-sleeved ankle-length robes and a headdress to keep the sun off his head and neck would be donned along with goggles and a breathing filter once they reached the outskirts of the deserts of Wind Country.

He was impatient to be off. Of late he had been feeling so closed in by the village, so suffocated, that he considered it a marvel he wasn't developing claustrophobia. A canteen had been added to his inventory; it contained his 'core' sand. Given the chance during the mission he would work with it more. And when they were attacked (on a B-rank it was rarely an if) he would get the chance to see Kankurou's chakra strings. Sasori used puppets in the same way (though not quite the same way as Kankurou wasn't the threat Sasori was) so it would be a good method by which to be prepared, should he chance to run across the ex-Suna-nin.
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