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The Noodle Shack

Some Things Never Change

6/20/06 06:36 pm - sadist_nin - [AIM Log] [Coffee and Cookies] [Ibiki and Iruka] [Closed]

And some minds were just so damn malleable that they almost demanded to be played with.Collapse )

6/13/06 10:13 pm - pervert_sannin - [Action Thread] [Jiraiya returns to Konoha] [Open to Jiraya, Tsunade, anyone in the Hokage's tower]

After nearly a mad dash back to Konoha after recieving Tsunade's warning, Jiraiya finally reached the village gates near sundown. Walking into the village unhindered (as everyone knew exactly who he was), he quickly made his way to the Hokage tower, hoping that Tsunade was there.

Not even stopping at the desk, he began the ascent up the stairs to Tsunade's office. What he had discovered was certainly not good news, and as such, needed to be reported immediately. He had even forgone stopping at his usual hotsprings on the way home, much to the delight of the females who were bathing at the time. Knocking on her office door, he opened it and went in.

6/12/06 05:00 pm - pervert_sannin - [Open to Tsunade only]

[Private Note to Tsunade, sent by messenger frog]Collapse )

6/3/06 09:54 pm - windsofsand - [aim log] [yamanaka ino & temari] [on self control] [closed]

Ino hated to be idle more than anything. She was constantly filled with energy, unable to sit still for long periods of time. Whether it was running, training, dancing, or just working the flower shop, she liked to be doing something with her time. Ever since her last disastrous mission she had been forbidden from going on any other missions until she healed completely. Her father had restricted her to flower shop duties and Shikamaru and Chouji were watching her like hawks to make sure she didn't do anything stupid.

"This whole thing is stupid," she muttered to herself and completely ignored the crutches leaning by the door. There was no way she was walking with those. She would rather limp the whole way to meet Temari. Not to mention skimming on the drugs Tsunade prescribed her. There was absolutely no chance she was going to walk around like a zombie.Collapse )

6/2/06 03:42 pm - sharinganified - [Action Thread] [Team Beta in Wind Country] [Sasuke, Hinata, Kankurou] [Closed]

There were three sand-sleds in the caravan, carefully piled with provisions of food, clothing, other necessities of life in general and desert-life in particular, along with enough water that, with rationing, would last them the trip and a few days extra. Sasuke and Hinata were allotted extra rations, as they were the only ones unused to the stresses of such intense dry heat. The difference in climate between Wind and Fire was obvious, and Sasuke surmised the oppressive humidity of Fire Country beat out this kind of heat.

Each sand-sled was pulled by a team of team of six camels. Two of the sand-sleds really only needed four, but Sasuke had argued that if the caravan drivers didn't want the sled holding their special item to get singled out, they all needed to have the same number. They agreed. The sled drivers were the only ones who actually rode on the sleds. Everyone else rode alongside on camels. Kankurou looked at home on the humped beast, and Hinata, with that damned Hyuuga grace that was only part of what made that clan so annoying, had adjusted quickly. Sasuke had had to use Sharingan to copy how the others sat and guided the camels with reins and riding sticks so as not to make a fool of himself, much to his personal aggravation.

Kankurou was at the front where he was better able to pick a path along the shifting dunes. Because of her Byakugan, Hinata was in the back to keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary. Her visual range was much greater than that of Sasuke's sixth sense, anyway. Sasuke stayed near the middle sled, Sharingan protected behind goggles as he kept up a continuous watch on the other civilians. It wasn't paranoia, just mere common sense to see how natives reacted to their home environment. If either Kankurou or Hinata saw something they would relay it to Sasuke over the radios.

5/29/06 05:28 pm - uzumaki_legend - [Action Thread] [Vague Mourning] [Naruto and Ino] [Open]

If Naruto had any mind of it, he would have realized that when not even the smell of fresh ramen could lift his spirits, things were indeed bad. He walked aimlessly down streets, eyes seeing nothing of the world in front of him, but his feet carried him through crowds without mishap. His mind was blank and he had nowhere to go, nothing to do. He didn't even have the faintest urge to train, which was yet another reason he probably should've been worried, but his heart just wasn't in it.

Not even when he'd heard that Gaara had been raised to Kazekage had he felt such a bottomless sense of failure engulf him. Pausing, he looked up to the sky, the Hokage monument rising over the village in the horizon. It just wasn't the same without the others, and he felt the cold feeling trying to swallow him whole. Scowling, he suddenly realized he was acting like Sasuke.

A surefire sign that the end of the world was approaching swiftly.

5/12/06 10:31 am - uzumaki_legend - [Action Thread] [Loss of Sakura] [Naruto and Tsunade] [Open]

No time to wasteCollapse )

4/27/06 11:17 am - sharinganified - [Action Thread] [Mission Beta] [Sasuke, Hinata, Kankurou] [Closed]

Half an hour before departure time Sasuke was already waiting for his other two teammates to show. His pack held the usual necessities for a mission and also the necessary gear for desert travel, modified after the input received from the displaced Suna-nin. The outer-wear clothing of long-sleeved ankle-length robes and a headdress to keep the sun off his head and neck would be donned along with goggles and a breathing filter once they reached the outskirts of the deserts of Wind Country.

He was impatient to be off. Of late he had been feeling so closed in by the village, so suffocated, that he considered it a marvel he wasn't developing claustrophobia. A canteen had been added to his inventory; it contained his 'core' sand. Given the chance during the mission he would work with it more. And when they were attacked (on a B-rank it was rarely an if) he would get the chance to see Kankurou's chakra strings. Sasori used puppets in the same way (though not quite the same way as Kankurou wasn't the threat Sasori was) so it would be a good method by which to be prepared, should he chance to run across the ex-Suna-nin.

4/23/06 12:56 am - deserted__ - [AIM Log] [Jutsu whoring] [Sasuke, Gaara] [Closed]

[ooc: takes place soon after this post]

I'll show you mine if you show me yours? Sasuke picks up new jutsu, Gaara's not exactly enthusiasticCollapse )

4/2/06 10:24 pm - sweet_oleander - [Action Log] [Sakura, Sasuke] [Open to: Iruka]

What would she have to do to prove to them she didn't need protection?Collapse )
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